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The Icon Classical Sequence Titles

First round Junior/Juvenile 11.30am            Adults 3.30pm

CS1.   The DPA Super League 'ICON' Open Juvenile Classical Sequence Title
           Waltz, Gainsborough Glide, Midnight Tango, Liberty Two Step
CS2.   NL Juvenile Boy Girl Veleta, Kensington Two Step
CS3.   NL Juvenile All Girl Gainsborough Glide, Midnight Tango
CS4.   Under 10 yrs Veleta, Boston Two Step
CS5.   NL Juvenile Modern Sequence Woodside Waltz, Eivona Quickstep
CS6.   Juvenile Starters Boston Two Step
CS7.   Under 8 yrs 1-8 Bars Square Tango
CS8.   Juvenile Solo Waltz, Boston Two Step, Jive
CS9.   Juvenile Solo Waverley Two Step
CS10. Juvenile Solo Pas de Basque & Walks
CS11.  Juvenile Solo 1st 8 Bars Fylde Waltz

CS12.  The DPA Super League 'ICON' Open Junior Classical Sequence Title
            Waltz, Gondolier Gavotte, Tarantella Tango, Washington Two Step
CS13.  NL Junior Boy Girl Veleta, Kensington Two Step
CS14.  NL Junior All Girl Saunter Santana, Rialto Two Step
CS15.  NL 12/13 years Stardust Saunter, Kensington Two Step
CS16.  NL Junior Modern Sequence Engagement W, T Tarquilla, Quando Q
CS17.  Junior Beginners 1st 8 Bars Waverley Two Step
CS18.  Junior Starters Veleta, Waverley Two Step
CS19.  Junior Solo Wedgewood Blue Gavotte
CS20.  Junior Solo Premier Two Step

CS21.  The DPA National League 'ICON' Open Amateur Classical Sequence Title
           (Cash Prizes) Waltz, Saunter Santana, Tango Tarquilla, Premier Two Step
CS22.  NL Amateur Modern Sequence Green Emerald Waltz, Brooklyn Tango, New York Q
CS23.  NL Youth Elizabethan Waltz, Stardust Saunter, Tialto Two Step
CS24.  NL All Ladies Fylde Waltz, Waverley Two Step
CS25.  The DPA National League 'ICON' Open Senior Classical Sequence Title
           (Cash Prizes) Waltz, Saunter Santana, Tarantella Tango, Kensington Two Step
CS26.  NL Senior Modern Sequence Newchurch Waltz, Tango El Cid, Canterbury QS
CS27.  NL Senior Tango Tango Serida, Tango Magenta
CS28.  The DPA National League 'ICON' Open Social Dancers Classical Sequence Title
           (Cash Prizes) Saunter Santana, Tayside Tango, Liberty Two Step
CS29.  NL Social Dancers Modern Sequence Engagement Waltz, Tango Rosso, Quando Quickstep
CS30.  NL Social Dancers 'Special' Tayside Tango, Ragtime Swing
CS31.  NL Social Dancers 'Starters' Saunter Together, Mayfair Quickstep
CS32.  NL Social Dancers All Ladies Saunter Shiraz, Midnight Tango
CS33.  NL Adult Solo Countess Waltz, Tango Solair

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